How Important Are Extracurricular Activities In College Admissions?

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/7/18 4:00 PM / by Empowerly Team

Many students ask us how important extracurricular activities are in the college admissions process. It is fairly clear that academics are an important part of admissions, but which parts of the extracurricular story are actually important and how do you determine that? Here at Empowerly, we have spent the past 6 years understanding what colleges care about and helping thousands of students through the college admissions process. In this article, we use our data sorting tool to help you determine how important extracurricular activities are.

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How to put the Student, in Student Athlete

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/1/18 5:30 PM / by Heather Gupton

Being a student athlete in high school is hard because you have to balance school work with crazy practice times. It’s easy to say “well I like soccer more than calculus, so I’ll spend more time on soccer” or “my basketball skills are more likely to get me into a top university than my grades”. What a lot of students forget, is that it’s a lot easier to be a college athlete if you’re also a good student.

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Creating and Formatting a Resume for College

[fa icon="calendar'] 5/25/18 12:00 PM / by Andy Wang

Professional resumes are the bread and butter of applications. Whether it be for colleges or for a job, a professional resume is a quick one page snapshot of one’s professional and academic performance.

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4 Elite STEM Competitions 2018-2019

[fa icon="calendar'] 3/26/18 8:00 PM / by Amanda Orbuch

We’ve all heard the story: “Intel ISEF Finalist gets into (insert top choice school here)!” Common-sense wisdom tells us that elite STEM competitions, like Intel ISEF, are “golden tickets” into every student’s top-choice school. While generalizations like this are problematic and often promote unhealthy behavior, there is something worth considering within it.

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Guides: How I Got Into Stanford

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/25/18 12:00 PM / by Amanda Orbuch

Martha Collins, a Stanford alum, shares her Stanford admissions story. She discusses her tips for best approaching the application process and what she feels made her application stand out.

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Underclassmen Updates: 5 Tips to Make the Most of Sophomore Year

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/20/18 12:00 PM / by Christina Le

Being a sophomore is often a confusing time in high school. You may be telling yourself that college is far away and that you have plenty of time, but it is much closer than you think. However, you can prepare yourself for college early on by making the most of your sophomore year. 

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Senior Strategies: Life After Applications

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/7/18 12:00 PM / by Andy Wang

With applications officially being over, a key part of college admissions has concluded for most students. That being said, the college admissions process as a whole is still far from over. There are still a few ways for applicants to better prepare themselves for potential scenarios down the road. 

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Applying to Ivy League Schools as an Asian Student

[fa icon="calendar'] 1/30/18 4:00 PM / by Natalie Thompson

Everyone knows that getting admitted to an Ivy League school isn’t easy. Unless you have an inside track on Ivy League schools, it may seem that you should get in if you are qualified and have a good 
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Guides: Mock Trial 101

[fa icon="calendar'] 1/28/18 7:00 PM / by Andy Wang

Mock Trial is one of few extracurricular activities that is an actual play-by-play simulation of a real-world scenario. From top to bottom, it’s a complete reenactment of a court case within a real court room and mimics the many facets that make up the legal system. 
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Guides: Summer Program Applications

[fa icon="calendar'] 1/28/18 3:42 PM / by Andy Wang

As the school year more or less starts to reach its halfway point, students should begin looking at summer programs to apply to. Most summer program applications for various fields are released at the start of the calendar year and it would be ideal for any student who’s interested to be start being aware of them. 

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