Calling High-Schoolers! Your Voice Matters

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Empowerly Team

Empowerly is growing and expanding—just like you! To do this, we’re asking for your opinion. Read on to learn more about an incentive for helping us out.


Our core values are collaboration, impact, and excellence. We want to live up to these values in every aspect of our work, including an excellent user experience that impacts real students and families like you. In the spirit of collaboration, we want to know what you think.


Spend five minutes to share your biggest hopes and dreams, fears and frustrations, so we know how to better help you. 


And here's the best part:  

You have the option to join our research participant’s program by completing this survey. 10amazonThen, whenever you are invited to take part our 30-minute remote interview or usability study sessions, you will be rewarded a $10 Amazon gift card (per session, upon completion). 
This first round of surveys is geared towards current high school students, but if you are a parent/guardian or recent high school graduate, don’t worry: you can still leave your contact information for future research.
Feel free to share the link with friends who are both current users and non-users of our services! 


From all of us at Empowerly, thank you for helping us grow. We put our students and parents at the front-and-center of what we do, and we care about making your high school experience as empowering as possible. Your voice matters to us.

Start your survey here!

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Empowerly Team

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