Resilience in Facing College Decision Letters

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Farah Weheba

The old adage is "You are what you eat," not "You are where you were accepted." We're serving up some perspective to untangle your sense of self-worth from your college admissions letters. 

You're Worthy

Hand with marker writing You Are Your Own Brand
Here’s some perspective for you to keep in mind if you start to intertwine your sense of self worth and identity with college admission for top 100 schools. Our hope is that these reminders help you manage your expectations and maintain healthy confidence in your abilities no matter what comes in your mailbox.


  • A top university accepting you does not determine your worth as a person.
  • Your worth as a person is actually not up for debate. Imagine that.
  • You are a hard-working, goal-oriented individual. Obviously.
  • You will learn new skills at any university you attend.
  • You will make new friends at any university you attend.
  • You will struggle to keep your dorm room clean at any university you attend.
  • You will have to pledge brand loyalty to some type of laundry detergent, maybe for the first time and maybe not, at any university you attend.
  • Don’t accidentally buy fabric softener instead of laundry detergent…
  • Where were we…right, common university experiences…
  • You’ll find your way and navigate any campus you land on.
  • You will have a formative journey.
  • You get to be just as selective about the universities you want to apply to as they get to be about the candidates admitted.
  • This is a two way street- a university selects you and you get to select them back.
  • You are a bright individual with a hunger for knowledge.
  • A university would be lucky to gain you in their student body because you are an asset with unimaginable potential.


  • It is always difficult to receive news that you were not selected. This goes for job applications in the future, too. Rejection is hard but totally manageable.
  • Managing your expectations is important. Understand that there are things universities need that have nothing to do with your adequacy.
  • Success is within reach and takes many forms.
  • Success isn’t only attainable at Harvard. We promise.
  • You are enough. You’ll be fine.
  • Better than fine, actually. You’ll do great. We just know it.
  • You don’t have to do it alone. Call us to learn more about how Empowerly can help you craft your best application.


Working with an Empowerly counselor can help you position your personal brand and story in the most outstanding way, allowing your admissions potential to fully set sail.
  • We’re real people. Give us a call. 

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Farah Weheba

Written by Farah Weheba

Farah is a Brooklyn-based Community Director at Empowerly, a college counseling and essay editing company serving and supporting ambitious high school students. Farah has a BA in psychology from Stanford University, and a Master's in Education under the Stanford Learning, Design, and Technology discipline graduating in 2014.

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