Student Stories Spotlight

[fa icon="calendar'] 9/16/20 5:31 PM / by Madeleine Karydes

Wondering what it's really like to work with the Empowerly community? Of course, we think our program is pretty spectacular... but that's just us. Hear from real students as they reflect on their experiences with Empowerly and advice they have to offer you.

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Back-to-School Advice: How Many AP Classes Are Enough?

[fa icon="calendar'] 9/6/20 8:08 AM / by Madeleine Karydes

One of the most common topics students ask about is their AP course load. For many students, AP classes are a badge of honor. “How many AP’s are you taking? Which ones? What scores did you get?” Questions like these abound before every school year, and after it ends for summer. Similar pressure to achieve surrounds IB and Honors courses. This leaves students and parents to wonder, how many AP classes are enough to be accepted to a good college? For some, the question is: will it ever be enough? 

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3 Scenarios When College Counselors Are Helpful

[fa icon="calendar'] 9/3/20 5:15 AM / by Madeleine Karydes

As new COVID-safety policies roll out and the future remains uncertain, standard curriculum provided to high schoolers facing college admissions just doesn't cut it anymore. Getting independent advice for your child in college admissions seems like a must.

In many ways, it is an arms race to help children prepare as much as possible for the decisive moment of receiving the long-awaited decision letter: accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. In fact, many parents start coaching their students in 8th or 9th grade with new activities, clubs,  SAT boot camps, and competitions. College counselors, or college admissions counselors, are useful in guiding students and parents in innumerable ways.

Today, we'll review three common scenarios we see at Empowerly when counseling makes the biggest impact:

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Parents of Juniors: Let's Talk About The Waitlist

[fa icon="calendar'] 8/31/20 9:00 AM / by Anne Macleod Weeks

You may be asking yourself, "The waitlist? My student is a junior! Why would I worry about the waitlist?"

While your application season is still months away, that doesn't mean your college prep should wait until then. In this article, I'll discuss the specific reasons why thinking about the waitlist when you student is in 11th grade instead of 12th grade can help you through the process.


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What You Need to Know about Weighted GPA

[fa icon="calendar'] 8/28/20 8:15 AM / by Natalie Thompson

What is the difference between a weighted GPA and an unweighted GPA? And how do you use a weighted GPA improve your college application?

Grades are not the only thing a college considers when they look at your application. But they are part of the equation. We'll break it down for you. 

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Creating Your College List Using Data

[fa icon="calendar'] 8/26/20 1:10 PM / by Madeleine Karydes

Developing your college list is a challenging task. Many students who approach us at Empowerly aim to apply to 6 or 7 (or more) well-selected schools, and spread those across safety, target, and reach colleges. So how do most people create these lists today?

Some students create complicated spreadsheets. Some simply apply to colleges that are easily accessible—schools that are geographically close, or that they've heard about from friends. Other students just guess, based on a vague impression.

But there's a better strategy: one that will help you reduce your stress, find your best-fit campus, and put you on the road to success. Do those benefits sound good to you? Read on.

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Interview with a Princeton Alum and Science Fair Champ

[fa icon="calendar'] 8/24/20 2:43 PM / by Madeleine Karydes

Ever wondered how top STEM students get their start?  Curious what sets them apart from the rest of the pack?

Empowerly sat down with Changxiao, our  CTO (Chief Technical Officer), to learn more about what extracurriculars in science helped him gain acceptance to Princeton. We asked all the questions you might want to know. Read our interview to understand his perspective on admissions and high school extracurricular activities!

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How College Admissions Counseling Can Help You Get Into College

[fa icon="calendar'] 8/22/20 7:30 AM / by Niko Mann



Applying for college can be an overwhelming experience, but college admissions counseling can help to simplify the journey. The college application process is complicated; navigating your way through, while dealing with other responsibilities, can be stressful. Lighten the burden on yourself by considering how college admissions counseling can make life easier for you.  

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Ask Me Anything: Tips From Inside UC Berkeley Admissions

[fa icon="calendar'] 8/20/20 12:30 PM / by Empowerly Team

In this post, we asked a former UC Berkeley admissions employee for some helpful college advice for high school students. Read below for insider knowledge from a college expert with experience working in admissions!


What does UC Berkeley look for in a student?

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Guides: How I Got Into Stanford

[fa icon="calendar'] 8/12/20 2:56 PM / by Amanda Orbuch

Martha Collins, a Stanford alum, shares her Stanford admissions story. She discusses her tips for best approaching the application process and what she feels made her application stand out.

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Parents: Why Choose an HBCU?

[fa icon="calendar'] 8/5/20 3:57 PM / by Anne Macleod Weeks

The Higher Education Act of 1965 defines HBCUs as  “any historically black college or university that was established prior to 1964, whose principal mission was, and is, the education of black Americans.” HBCUs have a long legacy of producing successful graduates in all fields, with an active professional alumni network, which is one of the primary draws. In a competitive job market, students know they will have an extensive network within which to search for a job after graduation.

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Ninth Grade Parents: Have Your Student Build A Portfolio

[fa icon="calendar'] 8/1/20 9:30 AM / by Anne Macleod Weeks

If you do end up needing a portfolio–for a summer program, contest, scholarship application, or anything else–there is nothing worse than facing a stack of college admission applications... and realizing you haven’t kept track of awards, projects, or even well-written English and history papers. Having concrete examples of student work and accomplishments easily on hand will make your family life much less stressful, especially if you aren’t having to hunt through boxes in the attic to meet a last-minute deadline.

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My Empowerly Experience: Student Story

[fa icon="calendar'] 7/28/20 10:00 AM / by Empowerly Team

"So much more than just reading your essays," says Priya.


Looking for a first-hand account of what it's like to work with our Empowerly community, from a real student? To make sure you know the facts, we interviewed an Empowerly student, Priya K.,* about her experience. 

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Why Should I Hire a Private College Counselor?

[fa icon="calendar'] 7/25/20 8:37 AM / by Natalie Thompson

When my son was five, I signed him up for soccer at the local recreation center. As he got older, it was clear volunteer coaches and playing for fun didn’t fit him. So at 11, he started training and playing for a competitive team. He is now a much better soccer player because of the higher expectations, quality coaching, and more competitive play.

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Brown University: Focus, Perception, and Bursts of Beta

[fa icon="calendar'] 7/22/20 7:30 AM / by Melanie Falconer

Brown University is one of the leading universities in the nation with an accomplished staff dedicated to an excellence in teaching. Established in 1764, it is widely regarded as a liberal university, one of the first to accept students regardless of religious affiliation. It is located in the beautiful and historic Providence, Rhode Island. The school specializes in pioneering groundbreaking research in all areas of study.

Interested in learning more? Read up on some current research the campus is leading to enrich your understanding of the school itself.

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