3 Simple Tips for Setting Goals

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There’s always an end goal, whether it’s getting into your dream school or achieving a certain score on the SAT. But these are very large-scale goals to achieve and when they seem to be unattainable, they may only cause more stress and frustration. That’s not to say you can’t achieve them, because you CAN, but to help you achieve that end goal, set benchmarks along the way. goal setting success

Here are three simple tips to set the benchmarks:

1. Try setting goals each month, each week, or even each day. Write them as a checklist in you planner, use our goal-setting sheets, or download a productivity app like Strides or Done.

2. Make sure they are SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

Example: Become involved in one new volunteer opportunity related to my
desired area of study by March of this year.

Example: Complete two college essay drafts and submit it to my counselor for
review by January 20th.

Non-Example: Be involved in more volunteer opportunities this year.

3. Create balance in your life by setting goals in various categories, such as academics, extra-curricular, character, health, etc. When you are in your “college prep years”, you may tend to become wrapped up in academics. Although academics are important, it is just as crucial to be involved, take care of yourself, and be self-reflective in your attitude and character.

If there is any tip that I can give you, it’s to not become overwhelmed by the end goal. Rather, stay focused on the smaller goals that are going to get you there. Take it day by day, or week by week, whatever is most meaningful to you. Allow yourself to feel the joy of an accomplishment every time you check off a goal, no matter how small!

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