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How College Admissions Counseling Can Help You Get Into College

[fa icon="calendar'] 8/22/20 7:30 AM / by Niko Mann



Applying for college can be an overwhelming experience, but college admissions counseling can help to simplify the journey. The college application process is complicated; navigating your way through, while dealing with other responsibilities, can be stressful. Lighten the burden on yourself by considering how college admissions counseling can make life easier for you.  

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How to Study for the SAT’s

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/4/17 1:24 PM / by Niko Mann


Getting into college isn’t easy, and if you aren’t great at talking tests, you may be nervous about taking your SAT’s. Confidence can make a huge difference in your SAT scores, and the only way to feel confident taking exams is by knowing what to expect and to be certain in your abilities. Studying the right information and practicing taking the SAT’s will help you to do well on the real thing.

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Tips on Writing an Admissions Essay for Yale

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/3/17 2:32 PM / by Niko Mann

Yale is one of the most selective universities in the country. Writing an excellent admissions essay can increase your chances of making the cut. The admissions committee will expect short yet concise statements that also showcases your personality. Reviewing the questions and having your answers written before starting your application is essential. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Financial Aid: Part I

[fa icon="calendar'] 9/18/17 7:42 PM / by Niko Mann

College is expensive. Many of us  aren’t sure how we will pay for tuition and need help finding ways of how to cover expenses. If you are going to college soon and you will need financial aid, you will need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form (FAFSA). Federal Student Aid is a division of the U.S. Department of Education which provides more than $120 billion in financial aid to students every year.

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