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Where to Find Unique and Lucrative Scholarships

[fa icon="calendar'] 3/13/20 9:00 AM / by Kristen Seikaly

When it comes to paying for college, scholarships and grants can be a big help. Loans come with the stress of interest rates, and work-study can only cover so much. Because scholarships are so valuable though, there’s also fierce competition for them. That’s why looking beyond the standard college scholarships searches can be so valuable... literally.

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Interesting College Majors Part 3: Social Justice Majors

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/28/17 8:05 AM / by Kristen Seikaly


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Interesting College Majors Part 2: Environmental Engineering

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/27/17 5:05 AM / by Kristen Seikaly

This is part of a series on interesting college majors you can pursue at a variety of different colleges. By deciding on a field of study you’d like to pursue, you can create a list of colleges to apply to that offers majors for that field. Sometimes high school students are not aware of their options when it comes to majors. We hope these articles encourage you to explore your options and find a major that helps you achieve your goals.

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Interesting College Majors Part 1: Food Sciences

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/26/17 8:53 AM / by Kristen Seikaly

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Small West Coast Colleges You Should Know About

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/25/17 7:04 AM / by Kristen Seikaly

When most people think of west coast colleges, they think of the major public and private universities. However, these small west coast colleges you should know about all have a number of factors in common that make them both small and great. First, all of them have less than 4,000 students enrolled. 

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Making the Most of a College Fair

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/24/17 8:05 AM / by Kristen Seikaly

College fairs are a great way to start your college search. You can gain a lot of information about a number of colleges in a short amount of time. However, college fairs can also overwhelm students, so it helps to have an idea of what making the most of a college fair means. Following these six simple guidelines will help you do well at a college fair.

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7 Great Questions to Ask on College Visits

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/23/17 8:05 AM / by Kristen Seikaly

While college visits are a great way to receive general information about a college, many prospective students don’t realize that they will want to ask prepared questions while they are visiting. Some questions may arise in the spur of the moment, but your visit will be more worthwhile if you come with a number of prepared questions. Here are some questions we recommend and why we recommend them.

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3 Examples of Unique and Successful College Essays

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/22/17 7:05 AM / by Kristen Seikaly

Many students spend a lot of time debating the topic of their essay for college applications. While that matters, it doesn’t matter as much as how you answer the question put before you. For students struggling to write their college essays, reading examples of unique and successful college essays can get you started.

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Navigating a College Website

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/21/17 8:04 AM / by Kristen Seikaly


Navigating a college website can seem unnecessarily complicated, especially to the student who has no agenda when visiting the site. That’s because college websites need to offer a plethora of 

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11 Colleges with the Best Financial Aid Packages

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/16/17 9:05 AM / by Kristen Seikaly

With ever increasing college tuition costs, finding ways to graduate from college with limited or no debt concerns every student.

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Who Should Not Apply to College Early?

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/16/17 9:05 AM / by Kristen Seikaly


All the talk of early decision and early action regarding college applications can make many high school students think that they, too, should apply to college early. However, early decision or action 

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Six College Application Mistakes to Avoid

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/16/17 9:04 AM / by Kristen Seikaly

Sometimes students are so focused on the substance of their application that they overlook simple things that have just as much of an effect on their odds of admission. Proofreading and time management are important in college, and if your application doesn’t highlight these traits, then it might not matter how great your application makes you seem otherwise.

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How to Do Well on the LSAT

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/14/17 9:05 AM / by Kristen Seikaly


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Recommended Books for College-Bound Students

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/10/17 9:05 AM / by Kristen Seikaly

Reading is good at every age, but college applicants may have a particular motivation to read. There are a number of books out there - beyond college guides - that can help you out in your application process. Consider these kinds of books for students applying to college, and why they may be helpful in your college application process.

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How to Find The Best College Guides

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/9/17 9:05 AM / by Kristen Seikaly

As a high school student applying to college, you have so much work to do that you can’t always focus on finding the best rankings lists or college guides. Even more than that, you don’t always have time to figure out which recommendations for the best college guides to trust. We believe you shouldn’t have to spend your time on finding this information either, so we’d like to break down how to find the best college guides for you.

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