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Should I Apply Early Action?

[fa icon="calendar'] 8/13/19 9:28 AM / by Crystal Liu

Fall deadlines are fast approaching. You may have noticed that certain colleges offer early action for their acceptance processes. Submit your application early, and you’ll get the result early, too. So, should you apply early action?

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Should I Apply To BS/MD Programs?

[fa icon="calendar'] 11/1/16 10:46 AM / by Crystal Liu

They go by many names. 8-year programs, direct med school, guaranteed medical school, etc. BS/MD programs allow high-achieving high school students committed to a career in medicine to lock down their track towards becoming a doctor. While few in number, many applicants latch onto these programs as an opportunity to streamline their way into medical school.

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Should You Start a New Club?

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/25/16 7:48 AM / by Crystal Liu

Perhaps you’re sitting and staring at your list of extracurriculars, trying to extricate whether or not it will be sufficient for the colleges you want to get into. “No, it’s not enough,” you worry. “Maybe I should start a club. Environmental Club? Knitting Club?” You’re wondering if doing so will be the extra boost you need in order for your college application to stick out.

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It’s Time to Throw Away the Notion of a ‘Dream College’

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/9/16 9:50 AM / by Crystal Liu

Around the beginning of senior year, or perhaps even earlier, you start getting the fated question: People ask it at parties, family reunions, in the hallway at school, and even in the public bathroom when you’re washing your hands.

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Do I Need to Go on College Visits?

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/2/16 6:30 PM / by Crystal Liu

Perhaps many of your friends have begun signing up for nearly campus tours or booking plane tickets for spring break college visits. As they regale you with the lengthy list of to-visit places, a little voice pops up in your head. “Should I do that too? Is it even worth it?”

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3 Tips for the Scholarship Hunt

[fa icon="calendar'] 9/26/16 7:38 PM / by Crystal Liu

Imagine this - you’ve just finished applying to colleges. With a huge sigh of relief, you begin to dream about that TV show you’ve been waiting to binge watch. No more deadlines, no more essays with strange prompts. But alas, it’s not quite time to allow senioritis to step through the door. Goodbye college applications, hello scholarship applications!

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The Scoop on Teacher Letters of Recommendation

[fa icon="calendar'] 9/20/16 9:02 AM / by Crystal Liu

The time has finally come - college application season. You’ve taken the standardized tests, formulated your college list, and started scanning the essay prompts. Next up on the list is asking for letters of recommendations from your teachers. Here we’ll answer the whats, whos, whens, and other details about teacher recommendations.

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