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Letters of Recommendation Explained

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/13/17 3:04 PM / by Carlie Tenenbaum

You got good grades. Took your standardized tests. Written and rewritten, deleted and rewritten essays. You've listed extracurriculars and community service. You've done everything to make yourself an attractive college applicant. But there's one more piece--letters of recommendation.

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Early Decision vs. Early Action

[fa icon="calendar'] 11/2/17 5:00 PM / by Carlie Tenenbaum

Applying to college isn't just a matter of figuring out how or where or why! There's also when. Colleges offer a variety of application deadlines and it is important to be intentional in your choices because some styles are binding!. Below are the most common types of decisions and what they mean.

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How My Essays Got Me Into Stanford

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/20/17 5:00 PM / by Carlie Tenenbaum

On paper I was an average Stanford applicant--good grades, good test scores, leadership in extracurriculars, community service, strong letters of rec. That's what we all have. That's what they expect. So how do they choose the 1,600 unique, talented, personable, well-rounded freshmen that call the Farm home each fall?

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The Whats, Whys and Hows of Research

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/12/17 12:40 PM / by Carlie Tenenbaum


 Looking for money or units? Practical experience? Relationships with professors? Research is your answer. Conducting undergrad research with a department is a great way to engage academically outside class, meet inspiring professors, and earn some money on the side!

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