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Cameron Devall began his career as an English language teacher. After graduating from Heythrop College of Philosophy and Theology, University of London, he moved to Indonesia and has been moving around ever since. Now having taught in Indonesia and Russia he has branched out to fulfil his true passion of writing. He has been a nomadic writer for several years now, living and working in North Africa, Western Europe, the Balkans and South-East Asia. Although his expertise is based in philosophy, he is fascinated by any and all topics.

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SAT/ACT Timeline - Planning the Tests

[fa icon="calendar'] 5/19/19 11:05 AM / by Cameron Devall

The SAT/ACT is a daunting eventuality for any university bound student. While some students have begun their college preparation even before getting to high school, other than keeping good grades, a standardized test is the first big step towards college admittance.

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Are You a Poor Test Taker? Here's How to Do Well on the SAT/ACT

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/10/18 4:12 PM / by Cameron Devall

The developments in education in recent years have been phenomenal. Classrooms have gone from lecture halls to spaces that engage all types of learners. Thanks to Neil Fleming’s VARK model of Student Learning, we have now understood that students learn in different ways, so why isn’t their knowledge being assessed in different ways as well.

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How Do Colleges Assess High School GPA Scores?

[fa icon="calendar'] 9/12/15 3:00 PM / by Cameron Devall


When applying for college, students need to know what their college of choice finds important in assessing a student's admissions process. The student’s GPA plays a big part in this. How a university assesses this can be the difference between getting into a reach or target school or having no choice but to go to a safety option.


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Is The Academic Index Important?

[fa icon="calendar'] 9/3/15 5:00 PM / by Cameron Devall

The Academic Index (AI) is the system used by Ivy League universities to determine a student’s academic performance a rating.

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