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Financial Aid for International College Applicants

Make Volunteering Meaningful To You & To Colleges

How to Handle College Apps Crunch Time

10 Most Common College Essay Editing Pitfalls

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Calculating Your Financial FAFSA Facts

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Top Schools for Undergraduate Research in 2019

Network Like a Pro

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Free College? It's More Likely Than You Might Think

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How Effective Are Your Study Habits?

Should I Apply Early Action?

Choosing a Major at the UCs

How to Make the Perfect Four-Year Plan for You

UC Admissions 3 of 3: What You Asked About the “Fine Print” of the University of California’s Admissions Process

Calling High-Schoolers! Your Voice Matters

UC Admissions 2 of 3: How the University of California Reads Your Extracurriculars

UC Admissions 1 of 3: How the University of California Evaluates Your Academic Record

Finalizing Your College List

What If I Can't Visit a College?

How to Start Brainstorming For Your College Essay

Your Guide to the UCLA Application

Your Guide to the UT Austin Application

When Applying Early to College Can Pay Off

Make the Most Out of Your High School Experience to Prepare for College Applications

Our Top Picks for BS/MD programs

SAT/ACT Timeline - Planning the Tests

3 Small, Surefire Ways to Practice for the SAT

How to Manage AP Exam Stress

Preparing for AP Exams

Book Club: Spring Reading List

Does Demonstrated Interest Increase Your Chances of College Admission?

What To Look For In a High School Summer Program

How to Overcome College Rejection

Community Service For Students Interested in Social Sciences

Community Service for Students Interested in the Arts

How to Ace Your BS/MD Interview

Empowerly's CEO addresses the latest college admissions scandal

College Choice: Going to the Right College For You

How to Prepare for a High School Internship

Community Service For Students Interested In STEM

How to Write a Summary Statement for a Resume

Taking College Courses in High School

Book Club: February Reading List

College Admission Trends in 2019

Great Study Habits to Take You from Freshman Year to Graduation

STEM Summer Programs For Girls

How to Pay for Graduate School

International Enrollments In US Colleges Declining

Planning Your College Visits

How to Answer the 2019-20 Common App Essay (Part 2)

How to Answer the 2019-20 Common App Essay (Part I)

So, You Got Into College... Now What?

Book Club: January Reading List

Top Tier Colleges that Don’t Require the SAT

Should I Apply for Financial Aid?

So You Don't Know What to Major In...

College Admissions - Regular Decision Deadlines 2018-19

How to Approach the Daunting Task of Picking Your AP Classes

Getting Accepted into UC Berkeley's Global Management Program

Why Networking in High School and College Matters

Why Ninth Grade is Important for College Admissions

5 Facts You Need to Know for College Admissions

How to Get Teacher Recommendations for Ivy League Admissions

How Can I Help My Child Manage the Stress of College Application Season?

Summer Activities For Every High School Student

How Many Colleges Should You Apply To?

Are You a Poor Test Taker? Here's How to Do Well on the SAT/ACT

Applying to College Early? Early Action vs. Early Decision

How I Got Accepted into Wake Forest University

How Important Are Extracurricular Activities In College Admissions?

The Most Overhyped Component of College Admissions

Applying to College As An Asian Student

Plan Your  High School Curriculum to Maximize College Acceptance

How Does My GPA Affect College Admissions?

How to put the Student, in Student Athlete

Which College Major Will Increase Admission Chances?

How Do Splitter Candidates Work in the College Admissions Process?

The Advantages of Attending a Liberal Arts College

How Empowerly Changed My Life

GPA vs Standardized Testing - Which Weighs More Heavily?

Don't Let College Interviews Spook You

Ask Me Anything: Tips From A Stanford University Admissions Officer

4 Ways To Get Good Grades While Cutting Down on the Stress

UChicago's New Test-Optional Policy and What It Means For You

The Secret to a Great First Impression in College Interviews

Senior Year and Your College Application Timeline

Asian Americans Receiving Lower Personality Scores at Harvard

How To Answer Vague College Essay Prompts

Why You Should Make a Personal Website

The 5 Most Common Myths About Choosing Your Major

Clothes, Shower Supplies, Bedding, and More: What to Bring For College

I'm a Top Student and Got Rejected from So Many Colleges. Why?

Making Your College List: The Three Types of Schools You Should Be Applying To

My Parents Want Me to Attend a Particular College, But I Don’t Want to Go. What Should I Do?

Shadowing: What It Is and Why You Might Want to Spend Your Summer Doing it

How To Prepare For the GMAT Exam

4 More Summer Jobs For High School Students That Will Improve Your College Application

5 Best Summer Jobs for High Schoolers

Creating and Formatting a Resume for College

5 Reasons You May Want to Rethink Applying Early Decision

Still Don’t Have an Internship for the Summer? No Problem! Here are 5 Ways to Build Your College Resume Over the Summer

5 STEM Tracks You May Not Have Heard Of, But Should Consider Studying

Merit Scholarships: What Are They and How Can You Get Them?

5 Ways STEM Students Can Differentiate Their College Applications

STEM Students: How to Ask to Researcher to Join their Lab for a Summer Research Position (Email)

AP Scores and What They Mean For Ivy League Admissions

College Application Timeline: Planning Your Summer and Senior Year

3 More Elite STEM Competitions

65 Clichés to Avoid Using in Your Common App Essay

When It Feels Like Everyone is a STEM Student, How Can You Make Your Essay Stand Out?

How to Prepare for your AP Exams

Why So Many Students Are Being Waitlisted At UC Schools

What You Should Know To Financially Prepare For College

Junior Journeys: Overcoming Test Anxiety, Part 2

4 Elite STEM Competitions 2018-2019

Junior Journeys: Overcoming Test Anxiety, Part 1

Top 5 Buzzwords In College Admissions 2018: What Do They Really Mean?

What is The AP Capstone Program?

Senior Strategies: 8 Things That Should Be on Your Senior Year Bucket List

How I Got Into UC Berkeley For Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Junior Journeys: How Many Times Should You Take the SAT?

Public vs Private Colleges: 4 Myths That Are (Kinda) True

5 Surprising Factors to Consider When Choosing Where to Attend College

College Admissions Tips from Stanford Grads - How to Write a College Admissions Essay

What to Do Before Your First SAT

Guides: 3 Quick Strategies for SAT Success

Questions to Ask During College Visits

Guides: Tips to Improve Study Habits

How to Find and Apply for Scholarships

How I got Into UC Berkeley

Guides: What To Do Over the Summer in High School

How to Plan College Visits for Spring Break

Guides: Tips from Deans in College Admissions (What Colleges Are Looking For)

Senior Strategies: Should You Load Up on AP Tests Senior Year?

Guides: Visiting Your Admitted Schools

Guides: 3 Big Ways to Save Money While in College

Senior Strategies: 3 Emails You'll Need to Write When Applying to College

Guides: 10 Things Any STEM Major Should Know, as Told by a Stanford Student

Underclassmen Updates: 5 Tips to Make the Most of Sophomore Year

Guides: Responsibility, Resourcefulness, and Resilience

Underclassmen Update: 7 Tips to Master Time Management Early in High School

Guides: 10 Smartphone Apps for College-Bound Students

Senior Strategies: What to Do for the Summer Before College

Ivy League Alumni Interviews

Senior Strategies: Life After Applications

7 Tips for Choosing Which Colleges to Visit

Applying to Ivy League Schools as an Asian Student

5 Crazy College Majors You Didn't Know Existed

Mock Trial 101

Guides: Summer Program Applications

Senior Strategies: What To Do If You Are Waitlisted

Guides: Inside Look at Stanford University

Underclassmen Update: COSMOS, SUMaC, and SIMR

Guides: How to Get Summer Internships

Guides: How to Take Effective Study Breaks in 5 Steps

Underclassmen Update: RSI and MIT Launch

How to Prepare for College During Christmas Break

The Do's and Don'ts of Essay Editing

Letters of Recommendation Explained

Senior Strategies: Talking to College Students During Winter Break

Junior Journey: 3 Helpful Hints for Picking Colleges that Are Your Perfect Match

Graduating High School Early

U.C. Berkeley News: Empathy and Compassion in the Global Lives Project

Guides: Finishing Apps Before the Holidays

Senior Strategies: How to Write the Common App

Underclassmen Updates: 3 Brain Hijacks to Stop Procrastinating

College News: Harvard University Helping Hunger

Finishing the UC Application Over Thanksgiving Break

Junior Journey: 3 Tips for Shy or Introverted Students

Underclassman Update: How to Study for Math

3 Tips for Exploring College Majors

Model United Nations

College Essay Supplements

Freshman Tips: 5 Steps to Balance Technology for Learning

Williams College: Research in Monkey Behavior and Consciousness

Spotlight: How to Make The Most of College

How Community Service Gets You Into a Top College

Senior Strategies: 4 Ways to Maximize Your Productivity

Junior Journey: Specific Study Tips for Science

How Sports Can Help You Get Into a Top School

Spotlight: How I Got Into a Top Liberal Arts College

Early Decision vs. Early Action

Does Senior Year GPA matter?

Junior Journey: How to Improve Test Taking Skills for Those Who Struggle

How I Got Into Stanford University

5 Ways to Ace Any College Interview

Guides: Carnegie Mellon University

SAT Subject Tests

Junior Journey: How to Find Out What You Should Study

Why Take SAT II Tests?

How My Essays Got Me Into Stanford

Guide: UC Berkeley

Senior Strategy: College Admission Events

The Whats, Whys and Hows of Research

What is the PSAT/NMSQT?

Should I Choose an In-State or Out-of-State

What is Quiet Confidence?

How Many AP Classes Should You Take?

How to Study for Each Subject of the ACT

Maximize Your Summer: Summer Programs

How to Study for the SAT’s

Tips on Writing an Admissions Essay for Yale

Writing in High School vs. College

Essay Scoop: How to Write California Institute of Technology Essays

How to Write “Why [insert college name here]” Essay?

How to Answer Coordinated Dual-Degree Programs Essay for University of Pennsylvania

How UC's Calculate GPA

How to Build a College List (Part 3: Reach Schools)

Does Work Experience Help an Applicant's Admission Chances?

How to Thoroughly Research a College Before Applying

Getting into Stanford as an Artist

College Fit vs. College Rankings: What Matters Most?

Essay Scoop: How to Write Stanford Essays

How to Build a College List (Part 2: Match Schools)

Essay Scoop: How to Write University of Pennsylvania's Supplemental Essay

Study Skills To Help You Ace This School Year

College Admissions for Homeschooled Students

Exercises to Improve Your Writing

Everything You Need to Know About Financial Aid: Part 2

Writing a Successful Essay for Columbia

Strategies to Write an Engaging College Admissions Essay

Essay Scoop: How to Write Cornell University Essays

Understanding Cornell's New Technology Campus

Does Demonstrated Interest Matter For College Admissions?

How to Build a College List (Part 1: Safety Schools)

Tracking College Admissions Deadlines

College Application Platforms

Everything You Need to Know About Financial Aid: Part I

How Important are Letters of Recommendation to Admissions Officers?

Upperclassmen: Gearing Up for the School Year

Dealing with Application Stress

Just how important is high school academics to UC Admission?

Using Data in College Admissions

How the Admissions Office Views Students

College Students - Should You Transfer?

What Middle Schoolers Should Do For College Admissions

How Much Do Schools Care About Volunteer Work?

Beating Writer's Block

How Many Colleges Should I Apply To?

Applying Early to College

International Students in US Admissions

College Essay Advice Roundup (US News, NYT, Admissions Officer Interviews)

College Level Classes to Take Outside of School

Trends in College Admissions

How Difficult Is It to Triple Major in College?

4 Tips for Getting to Know Your College Town

Managing Stress in the College Application Process

Interview: How to Become a International Science Fair Finalist

Empowerly at iD Tech!

Just How Difficult Is Transferring Colleges?

Student Interview: I Changed My Major Three Times

How to Select Courses as an Undecided Freshman

Top 10 Undergraduate Business Programs

What I Wish I Knew In High School

Get a Head Start on 2017-18 College Essays!

Top Computer Science Programs for Women

Worried About Missing a College Deadline? Here's a List of Early & Regular Deadlines!

Student Scoop: Claremont McKenna College

Is Boarding School For You?

Bay Area Scoop: Top High Schools

Bay Area Scoop: Which High School to Attend?

How to Get Recruited as a College Athlete

Student Scoop: Carnegie Mellon

College Admissions Trends For 2018

How to Select Your High School

Bay Area Scoop: Public or Private High School?

How I Got an Internship as a High Schooler

5 Tips: EECS Major at UC Berkeley

Showcase Leadership in College Applications

8 Things to Look For While Selecting a College

How to Deal with College Admissions Drama

Best Colleges for Study Abroad Opportunities

5 Ways to Maximize Your Summer

Should I Submit an Arts Supplement?

How to Apply to US Colleges as an International Student

Empowerly Book Club

Student Perspective: Public vs Private College

Keep Your Kids Learning (& Having Fun) All Summer!

Ask Me Anything: Tips from Columbia University Admissions Officer

How I Got Accepted to MIT

Should You Get a Part-time Job in College?

How to Tactically Pick Your AP Courses

Student Organizations on Campus: Why You Should Join

Parents: Gluten-free in College

Parents: Should I Disclose My Student's Documented Learning Difference?

How to Save Money in College

How to Shine When Excellence is the Norm

AP or IB: Why You Need to Look At Credit Policies

Apps to Keep You Safe on Campus

How to Pick a College Roommate

The Three Keys to Quality Extracurricular Activities

How to Create Your Student’s Admission Marketing Plan (Part 4)

On the Waitlist: What Should You Do Next?

The Regular Decision Wait is Over: What to Consider When Accepting a College Offer

How to Create Your Student’s Admission Marketing Plan (Part 3)

4 Ways to Get Extracurricular Activities Going

How to Create Your Student’s Admission Marketing Plan (Part 2)

How to Create Your Student’s Admission Marketing Plan (Part 1)

How to Sell Your Activities and Awards on Your College Application

Tips For Aspiring Law School Students

6 Things to Add to a Post-College Bucket List

Senioritis: How do you identify it and what do you do about it?

Make the Most of Pre-Professional Summer Programs for College

Three Things to Keep in Mind to Begin your College Journey

Want To Get Ahead of the Crowd? Consider Undergraduate Research

Academics in College vs. High School

Community College or University? Part 2 -- Pros and Cons

Community College or University? Part 1 -- Structure

How to Make Your Common App Extracurriculars Shine (Without Showing Off)

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Emory University's Essays

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Notre Dame's Essays

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Rice University's Essays

Internships -- What They Are and Why You Need to Know About Them Before College

Economics -- Consider This Major To Cover A Wide Breadth Of Skills

My Junior's College List Does Not Match My Parent Expectations

Backing Out of a Major Once In College Isn’t As Easy You Think

Why Being Authentic, Not Competitive, Could Be Your Ticket To A Top College

Private School vs. Public School: Which Is Right For Your Child?

What You Should Look for in a College's Surrounding Town

It's March! Have a Conversation with your Ninth Grader!

What to Look for in a Dorm While on a College Tour

It's March! Have a Conversation with your Eighth Grader!

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Boston College Essays

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Northwestern Essays

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Dartmouth College Essays

Interesting College Majors Part 3: Social Justice Majors

Essay Scoop: How to Answer University of Michigan Essays

Everything You Need to Know About Your Student Aid Report (SAR)

Interesting College Majors Part 2: Environmental Engineering

Interesting College Majors Part 1: Food Sciences

What Is a Likely Letter From a College?

Small West Coast Colleges You Should Know About

Making the Most of a College Fair

7 Great Questions to Ask on College Visits

3 Examples of Unique and Successful College Essays

Navigating a College Website

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Wake Forest University Essays

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Tufts Essays

Essay Scoop: How to Write University of Virginia Essays

11 Colleges with the Best Financial Aid Packages

Who Should Not Apply to College Early?

Six College Application Mistakes to Avoid

What Classes Should I Take In My First College Semester?

How to Do Well on the LSAT

Does Declaring a Major on My Application Help Me Get In to College?

What Questions Should I Ask During a College Visit?

Essay Scoop: How to answer UCLA Essays

Essay Scoops: How to Answer Carnegie Mellon Essays

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Georgetown Essays

Recommended Books for College-Bound Students

Money Scoop: Tips & Tricks to Get Financial Aid

Planning the Summer Before College

How to Find The Best College Guides

Easy Edits to Make to Your College Essay

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Duke University Essays

Essay Scoop: How to Answer University of Pennsylvania Essays

Online College Credit for High School Applicants

Essay Scoop: How to Answer MIT Essays

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Brown Essays

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Columbia Short Responses

Characteristics Colleges Look for in Students

Best West Coast Colleges

Application Scoop: What is an Interest Quotient?

Should I Enroll in a Pre-College Program?

Popular Majors for Business School Students

Essay Scoop: How to Answer the University of Chicago Essays

Should you take the SAT or ACT?

What Is a Pre-College Program?

What to Do Before and During a College Visit

Which Colleges Should I Visit?

How To Sell Yourself In Your Essay

How to REALLY Impress Admissions with your Extracurriculars

The Perfect Framework for EC’s (Part 1)

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Johns Hopkins Essays

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Caltech Essays

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Yale Essays

Essay Scoop: How to Answer Princeton Essays

Bay Area College Admissions Dynamics

International Baccalaureate: What you Need to Know

Questions You Should Ask in College Interviews

What to Wear to a College Interview

Finding the Best Social Fit in a College

Does My High School Ranking Matter?

What Does Open Admission Mean?

Should I Take a Gap Year?

Help - I missed most college deadlines!

How to Spend a Gap Year Effectively

Popular Majors for Pre-Law Students

Am I Behind In the College Application Process?

What Are Supplemental Materials?

5 Ways To Turn your Passion Into Impact (And Win At College Admissions!)

4 Tips For Essay Inspiration

5 Benefits of Online Tutoring

What if my dream college rejects me?

The Best College Rankings Lists

How to Find Volunteer Work as a High School Student

Bad Reasons to Apply to Colleges

Can social media hurt my college chances?

Can Social Media Help My College Chances?

Last Minute College Applications

Choosing a College While Thinking About Law School

How Many Colleges Applications Are Too Many?

What's the Difference Between College Grants and Scholarships?

How to Apply to Scholarships

Should I Appeal a Rejection? If So, How?

What’s the Difference Between Deferred and Waitlisted?

How to Create Your College List

6 Ways to Graduate from College Debt-Free

Popular Majors for Pre-Med Students

Does Attending a Liberal Arts College Make Sense for STEM Majors?

How to Get a Small College Experience at a Big University

Volunteer Work and College Applications

How to Respond to a College Deferral With a Letter of Continued Interest

3 Things to Know about the Common App

My Early Decision Application Was Deferred - Now What?

Attending a University vs. a Liberal Arts College

You Were Accepted to Your Early Decision School. Congratulations! Now What?

Early Decision: The Difference Between Deferral and Denial

What are Early Decision I and Early Decision II?

What to Expect From a Great College Counselor

How to Determine Your Chances of Admittance to a Certain College

Evaluating Your SAT or ACT Score

Budgeting for College Applications

Common College Essay Prompts

How Difficult is it to Transfer in College?

Topics to Avoid in College Essays

Is There Such a Thing as Demonstrating Too Much Interest?

Writing the Perfect “Why This College?” Essay

What Are Holistic Admissions?

How to Write the Perfect Thank You Letter in College Admissions

What Is a College’s Yield Rate?

Changes to the FAFSA

Tips for Getting Great Letters of Recommendation

How to Demonstrate Interest in a College

Deciding If and When Graduate School is in Your Future

Reaching Out to Current Students at Your Dream College

What Should I Do If I've Been Waitlisted To a College?

What NOT to Include in Your College Application

Are You a Senior with No Extracurricular Activities? It’s Not Hopeless!

Applying to Graduate School: How it Differs from the Undergraduate Experience

You Got Into College! Now What?

International Student Enrollment on the Rise

Senior Year Course Load

How to Make Up for a Low GPA in College Applications

How Much Do College Rankings Matter?

Different Kinds of Financial Aid

The SAT and the ACT: Behind the Acronyms

Bay Area College Admission Counseling

College Interviews Love To Ask These Questions!

SAT Subject Tests: The Basics

When Parents and Kids Disagree on Schools or Majors

How to Use College Counseling to Your Advantage

ACT or SAT: Which Is Right for You?

Should You Retake the ACT or SAT?

Should You Double Major in College?

Top 5 Apps for College Admissions

Who You Should Ask for a Letter of Recommendation: A 5-Step Plan

Should I Apply To BS/MD Programs?

How Much Do Alumni Interviews Really Matter?

The Pros and Cons to Declaring a Major on Your Application

Organizing Yourself To Meet College Application Deadlines

Making the Most of Senior Year

Social Factors in Choosing a College

A Parent's Role in the College Application Process

Should You Start a New Club?

Where to Find Unique and Lucrative Scholarships

How To Sell That Perfect Fit

Why America Shouldn’t Be The Only Place You Look At Schools

It’s Time to Throw Away the Notion of a ‘Dream College’

Can Social Media Affect Your Admission?

How Personal is Personal in a College Admission Essay?

Do I Need to Go on College Visits?

3 Tips to Rock the College Campus Visit

Does it Matter If I Apply to a School with the Common App or the Coalition App?

Are My Scores Good Enough? GPA, APs/IBs, ACT/SATs and What They Mean

3 Tips for the Scholarship Hunt

Does My Faith Matter When Applying to a Religiously-Affiliated School?

“Why This School?” Should Be the First Admissions Essay You Write

The Scoop on Teacher Letters of Recommendation

College Admissions Is Not a Lottery

Where's the Funny Bone in College Essays?

3 College Admissions Trends to Look For in 2017

The Biggest Myth in College Admissions

3 Questions a Successful College Application Essay Answers

Acing Your College Admissions Interview

How to Get Into Your  College of Choice

Staying on Schedule for College Applications

Leadership: What Admissions Officers Really Want to See

How Much Time Should I Spend on College Applications?

6 Items to Strengthen Your Letters of Recommendation

How to Choose a College Major

How Much Do Colleges Care About Legacy In College Admissions?

Can You Afford College? The Answer is Yes!

JD/MBA Nuances:  Application Process And Program Length

How to Make a College List for College Admissions

Do Colleges Care About Work Experience For College Admissions?

Does Volunteer Work Matter For College Admissions?

College Visits: Do They Really Matter For College Admissions?

Should Your Student Treat The ACT/SAT As A Class?

The Benefits Of Waiting A Year (or Two) To Apply To Law School: Part II

Guaranteed College Admissions Boost: Pt 1 Extracurricular Story

Quantity vs. Quality: How to Make your Extracurricular Activities Meaningful

The Benefits Of Waiting A Year (or Two) To Apply To Law School: Part I

Should I Go To Law School?

How to Answer the Common Application Essay for College Admissions

Getting Accepted To A Top Law School: What Really Matters

Insights into Class Size, Degrees, and Financial Aid - College Admissions

Part 2: College Admissions Focus - Harvard University

BS/MD Programs: Visions for Acceptance

Part 1: Statistical Analysis In College Admissions

Changing College Admissions Into A Double-Blind Matching Process

How to Pick a College: Part 6 The Best College Decision

How Many SAT II Subject Tests Should You Take?

What Does a Private College Counselor Do?

How Many SAT II Subject Tests Should You Take?

Top 9 Arts Summer Programs

The Four Types of Activities for College Admissions

College Counseling: Public vs. Private School – Which One Is Right For Me?

How to Pick a College: Part 5 Special Collections

How to Pick a College: Part 4 Research Support

How Important Is Standardized Testing For College Admissions?

Do You Need a College Counselor For College Admissions?

How to Email Professors for Research Opportunities

How to Pick a College: Part 3 Academic Support

Changes in College Admissions and How They Affect You

How to Pick a College: Part 2 Choosing a Major

Top 7 STEM Summer Programs

How to Pick a College: Part 1 Vibe

How to Approach College Admissions Essays

Determining a College List

How Challenging Should my High School Courses be?

Forbes, U.S. News and Business Insider List College Rankings

How to Get Accepted by Harvard

Where to Begin When Applying for Free Federal Student Aid or FAFSA

Private vs. Public School For Admissions – See What Dean of Stanford Has to Say

Is College Admissions Random or a Gamble? See What the Dean of Stanford Admissions Says.

The Greatest Missed College Application Opportunity- According to Stanford's Dean of Admissions

Deferred – Now What?

How Yield Informs College Admissions Patterns in the Ivy League

Automatic Academic Scholarships For Freshmen

Using Video To Supplement Your College Admissions Application

How to Write Successful Stanford Essays

How Do Colleges Assess High School GPA Scores?

Is The Academic Index Important?

3 Reasons Why You Need College Counseling And a College Counselor

Bay Area College Counseling

Do Colleges Look at Weighted or Unweighted GPA?

How Much Does Legacy Help in College Admissions?

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