Trick or Treat: Conquer the Senior Scaries!

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/31/20 6:30 AM / by Sara Mirza

Senioritis: How do you identify it, and what do you do about it?

Don't get spooked. The Empowerly Senioritis Busters are here! Let's talk about all the ways you can overcome a temporary lapse in motivation during the final stretches.

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Essay Scoop: How to Answer Harvey Mudd Essays

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/28/20 11:32 AM / by Madeleine Karydes

Harvey Mudd College is an unsuspecting heavy-hitter. As part of the Claremont Colleges network, the school is naturally well-funded to dedicate plenty of resources to each student. Despite this materially supportive environment, however, something else sets Harvey Mudd apart in the eyes of high-achieving students: the competitive atmosphere.

Are you intrigued and excited by a challenge? Do you thrive on healthy competition and a high pressure atmosphere? Then you might be the perfect fit for the intellectual forge of Harvey Mudd. Not interested in that kind of intensity? Remember; there is more than one path to success, so you don't need to force yourself to jump into the deep end!

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Essay Scoop: How to Answer Washington University in St. Louis' Essays

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/26/20 12:16 PM / by Madeleine Karydes

This one’s a trap...there’s no supplemental essay!

Washington University in St. Louis is an incredible school and there’s no supplemental essay required. Make sure your Common/Coalition App essay is stellar, and you’ll be good to go.

Not satisfied? We won't leave you hanging. In this article will dig a little deeper.

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How To Include A Portfolio In Your College Application

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/24/20 9:15 AM / by Madeleine Karydes

Remember "Show and Tell" days in elementary school? It's not just a fun learning activity (or tip for writing) anymore!

Today, it's a growing trend amongst college applicants to not only include the standard admission information in college applications (like short essays, academic profile, extracurricular activities), but also to include a digital portfolio of document, videos, photos in their application.

Unsure of how to approach this? Let's talk about it!

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The Secret Ingredients You Need to Include for a Standout Essay

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/21/20 1:34 PM / by Madeleine Karydes

College essays range from structured to creative. Sometimes, they leave you scratching your head, wondering what on earth oranges have to do with you eligibility for college (I'm looking at you, University of Chicago). With all the pressure and confusion, it can be hard to appreciate the humor of riddles and off-the-wall essay prompts. Who do they think we are, Indiana Jones? Just tell me what you need to know!

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When Are College Applications Due? College App Deadlines Coming Up!

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/19/20 3:20 PM / by Madeleine Karydes

It's fall semester and all of a sudden, everyone around you is talking about college application deadlines... and you hear a lot of conflicting answers. It's totally okay to be confused! Don't let that confusion stop you from asking questions. 

Looking for some clear answers? You don't have to slog through pages of Google search results to get a semi-unsure timeline. Check out our list, below.

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Essay Scoop: How to Answer UC Berkeley's Essays

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/16/20 6:45 AM / by Madeleine Karydes

It's a fact: UC Berkeley is the most competitive state school in California. The school boasts Nobel laureates and ground-breaking research in many fields, and is considered by many to even be the #1 public university in the world.

Beyond the classroom, the vibrant Bay Area community in close proximity to other top universities and the Silicon Valley make this campus a very attractive option for young scholars looking for a launchpad into their future. With all these resources on the table, it's no surprise the admissions readers must be picky.

Empowerly provides guidance on how to answer some of its personal insight essay questions.

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The B-Student's Guide to College Acceptance

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/14/20 1:54 PM / by Madeleine Karydes

What if you're not the top-scorer in your class? Worried you won't stand a chance of being accepted to a quality school, because your peers seem to always out-score you? 


Don't worry. At Empowerly, we believe that everyone deserves a quality education, regardless of your past track record. If you have the drive and ambition to succeed, we're here to help you reach for the stars. Read on for a few tried-and-true methods to boost your application profile and land an acceptance at the perfect school for you.

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Elite High Schools and Competitive College Admissions

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/12/20 12:05 PM / by Gelyna Price

 Four Tips to Keep in Mind when Applying to College from an Elite High School

Case Study: Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco

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College Counselor Recommendation Letters

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/9/20 2:45 PM / by Madeleine Karydes

The college counselor recommendation is one of the most important and overlooked portions of the college admissions process. "Virtually every classmate that I have spoken to at Stanford had a good relationship with his/her counselor, and some maintain friendships," one advisor said. This year, the Common Application has added two options for school counselors to decline sending an evaluation for students:
  • "I do not have sufficient personal knowledge of this student."
  • "The demands of my counseling load do not afford me sufficient time."

    With these options, it is critical that you give school counselors a reason to write you evaluations by developing a personal connection and showing sincere effort in your academics and extracurricular activities. Recommendation letters for college is one of the most underrated elements of the admissions process.


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Breaking: Secret Ingredient for College Acceptance Benchmarking Decoded

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/6/20 11:00 AM / by Madeleine Karydes

While the elimination of the SAT and ACT in college admissions opens up accessibility for many, others now struggle to quantify their potential. Empowerly understands that students are more than just a number. Here is their solution.

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Empowerly Raises $1.6 Million and Launches First Real-Time Holistic Diagnostic Tool for College Admissions

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/6/20 9:27 AM / by Empowerly Team

The new Empowerly Score feature is the only real-time diagnostic solution using a three-pronged holistic evaluation system to predict college admission chances

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Essay Scoop: How to Answer MIT Essays

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/2/20 11:48 AM / by Madeleine Karydes

Wondering how to approach the essay supplements for MIT? You’re not alone. It’s no surprise that the school is extremely selective, with the admission rate hovering around eight percent each year. If MIT is your dream school, you face serious odds. Read on to learn a little more about the school itself and get tips on how to think critically about your essay strategy so you can give yourself the best chance possible of standing out.

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College Admissions Boards Consider Dropping Standardized Test Scores Permanently

[fa icon="calendar'] 9/30/20 2:54 PM / by Madeleine Karydes

College admissions boards across the nation are dropping standardized test scores as a requirement. Some notable campuses plan to drop them for good. Where does this leave the next class of applicants?


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Is Homeschooling Beneficial? How Does It Affect My Application?

[fa icon="calendar'] 9/29/20 4:48 PM / by Julia de Raadt

Since the pandemic broke, there has been an uptick in the number of students being homeschooled. For many, it's a temporary move brought on by the pandemic, and has taken various forms: some (like myself) have opted to bring a tutor into the home; other families have banded together into “pandemic pods'' to have their children taught together; and finally, in some cases, parents are teaching their children themselves. 

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